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Byzezhou lin
Your helper in Canada real estate.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your Canadian real estate assistant!
Sample prompts:
What's the average listing price in Toronto?
How many bedrooms are typical in Vancouver homes?
Find a house in Calgary with at least 2 bathrooms.
Compare real estate prices between Montreal and Quebec City.
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Canadian Property Expert is a GPT designed to provide assistance in the Canadian real estate market. Developed by Zezhou Lin, this tool offers practical and convenient means to obtain vital real estate information in a conversational manner.

It is meant to serve as a virtual assistant to individuals seeking insights about Canadian property listings. Acting as an overlay for ChatGPT, the Canadian Property Expert provides property-related information across multiple Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Quebec City.

Users may ask a wide variety of questions using the suggested prompt starters or their inquiries. For example, users can request average listing prices in specific locations, or ask about the typical number of bedrooms in Vancouver homes.

It can also cater to specificity by facilitating searches such as finding a house in Calgary with at least 2 bathrooms or comparing real estate prices between different cities.This GPT tool aims to streamline user's investigation process by presenting informed responses based on real estate market conditions in Canada.

While the tool does require ChatGPT Plus for access, the specialized information, ease of use, and intuitive interaction offered may make it a valuable resource for anyone navigating the Canadian real estate landscape.


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Canadian Property Expert was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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