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ByPaul Jendrasiak
Crafting engaging social media captions for your images.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Upload a picture and I'll suggest a catchy caption for it.
Sample prompts:
Caption this picture for Instagram.
What's a good X/Twitter caption for this photo?
Suggest a Facebook caption for this image.
Help me with a caption for this picture.
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Caption Genius is a GPT designed by Paul Jendrasiak to create engaging captions for social media platforms based on individual's uploaded images. This GPT offers a unique functionality that assists users in generating catchy and suitable captions for pictures, thus simplifying and enhancing their social media posts.

Users are prompted to upload an image, and Caption Genius, in return, provides appropriate caption suggestions. This adds creativity and personalization to users' social media content.

The GPT is capable of catering to distinct social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., allowing for platform-specific caption generation.

Moreover, Caption Genius extends its service exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The GPT application's overall purpose is to amplify the user's social media presence through intelligent and engaging content while providing a user-friendly interface to easily integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into the everyday tasks of a social media enthusiast.


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Caption Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2024.
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