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ByRathin Shah
Expert career coach for job seekers.
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How can I improve my resume?
Got an interview tomorrow, any tips?
What's a good career move for someone in marketing?
Can you help me explain my work gap?
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Career Coach is a GPT designed to serve as an expert career counselor for job aspirants. The tool is designed to help job seekers by providing advice, recommendations and constructive critiques on various aspects of their career journey.

It utilizes the underlying capabilities of the ChatGPT, a language model designed by OpenAI, in order to carry out its functions.This GPT can assist users in various stages of their job seeking process.

It can provide suggestions on how to improve one's resume, offering objective and insightful advice to strengthen the presentation of skills, experience, and capabilities.

Career Coach can provide assistance before important job interviews, offering guidance and useful tips to prepare candidates effectively. The tool can also be consulted on strategic career decisions, including suggesting possible career moves for people in specific fields, such as marketing.

Additionally, Career Coach can help job seekers to competently explain employment gaps in their resumes, an area where many job seekers feel uncertain.Using Career Coach is simple.

The tool greets users with a welcome message encouraging them to land their dream job and then prompts them to start interacting with it. Users can query the GPT with a variety of career-related questions or concerns, to which Career Coach can provide responses that are objective, insightful and precise.To use Career Coach, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required.

Users can sign up and start conversing with the GPT to receive career advice that suits their needs. With this tool, job seekers can navigate the job-seeking process with expert guidance, helping them to enhance their professional profiles and career prospects.


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Career Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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