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ByRainer Loopere
Advisor for CV review, cover letter writing, and job search guidance.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to refine your CV, cover letter, and guide your job search?
Sample prompts:
Can you review my CV for a marketing role?
How can I improve my cover letter for a tech job?
Where should I look for marketing jobs?
What job boards are best for tech positions?
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Career Coach is a GPT whose main functionality is focused on providing advice for refining CVs, drafting cover letters, and offering guidance for job searches.

It essentially serves as a tool to assist job seekers to make their job applications more effective, through refining their application documents and guiding their search for suitable jobs.

It offers personalized feedback on CVs for various roles, suggesting improvements where necessary, and helps individual users to tailor their cover letters targeted for specific industries, such as tech or marketing.

Additionally, the GPT is equipped to guide users in their job search by suggesting suitable platforms for job opportunities in diverse sectors. Career Coach is designed with the aim to make this process more efficient and successful for users, ensuring they present themselves effectively to potential employers and focus their job search on relevant opportunities.

This GPT is a valuable assistant for those looking to enhance their employability and need direction in the job hunting process.


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