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ByWilliam Alec Akin
Expert recruiter analyzing resumes for job applications
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Career Matchmaker is a GPT specifically designed to assess and improve resumes for job applications. Developed by William Alec Akin, the tool taps into the vast language model capabilities of ChatGPT to deliver expert career advice and recruitment guidance.

This GPT offers prompts such as 'Analyze my resume for this job description', 'How can I improve my resume for this role?', and 'Suggest changes to align my resume with this job', among others.

Users engage with this GPT by submitting their resumes and job descriptions of interest. The GPT accesses the submitted information and provides comprehensive and insightful feedback on how to strategically tailor the resume to meet the demands of the proposed job.

It uses data-driven analysis to align users' resumes with their dream jobs effectively and efficiently. This GPT serves as a unique blend of an expert recruiter and advanced AI system, delivering top-tier career advice and resume adjustment suggestions to potential job applicants.

It is accessible via ChatGPT Plus. To use the tool, users are required to sign up first.


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