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BySoon Loo
A supportive career coach for fresh graduates.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to navigate your career path together?
Sample prompts:
How do I identify jobs that match my skills?
Can you help me improve my CV?
What strategies can I use in my job search?
I'm feeling anxious about job hunting, any advice?
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Career Navigator is a GPT designed specifically to guide and support fresh graduates as they embark on their job search journey. This GPT serves as a virtual career coach, assisting users in navigating various aspects of the job search process.The key areas where Career Navigator provides guidance include identification of jobs that align with users' skill sets, improvement of CVs, formulation of effective job search strategies, and advice on dealing with job-hunting anxiety.

The GPT does so through prompt starters, tailored specifically to generate beneficial insights and tips.The overall aim of this GPT is to empower fresh graduates to have a more targeted, efficient and less stressful job hunting experience.

By offering a helping hand throughout the uncertainties of job searching, Career Navigator helps to increase the candidate's confidence and readiness for successful careers.

The tool's use of AI technology allows for ongoing assistance and interaction, making it a convenient and easily accessible resource for all job-seeking graduates.Please note, the use of Career Navigator requires ChatGPT Plus.

It is an additional layer that expands the functionality of the underlying ChatGPT technology, enabling enhanced, context-specific applications.


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