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How do I stand out in the current market?
What essential soft skills do teams look for?
How should I create a resume that people will remember?
How do I show value in a tech interview?
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CareerGPT is a GPT designed to assist users in their career paths and job seeking journeys. It provides practical assistance and valuable insights to help users better stand out amidst competitive job markets.

By asking CareerGPT various prompts related to job hunting and career progression, users can receive advice on a series of topics including how to create a memorable resume, demonstrating value in tech interviews, or understanding the essential soft skills that teams are looking for.

Furthermore, CareerGPT is built on top of ChatGPT, which means it provides interactive, dynamic, and real-time feedback to users. By offering a personalised approach tailored to individual career paths, CareerGPT affords an opportunity not only to reactively assist job seekers with immediate concerns or queries, but also to proactively drive a more adaptive, agile and successful career journey.

Operated by Peritus Partners, it requires ChatGPT Plus for access. Through its targeted suggestions and guided assistance, CareerGPT aims to provide a comprehensive support system for any kind of career-related challenges or ambitions.


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