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Byjorge jarrin zak
Assists with job search and career advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! How can I assist you with your job search or career development today?
Sample prompts:
How do I improve my resume?
What are some effective job search strategies?
Can you help me prepare for an interview?
I need advice for career planning.
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CareerGuru is a GPT that aids users with job-seeking efforts and provides extensive career advice. As an application built on the larger framework of ChatGPT, CareerGuru is designed to engage with users in meaningful career-related conversations to help guide and inform their job search process.

This GPT can assist in multiple facets of career development, including resume improvement, job search strategies, interview preparation, and general career planning advice.

CareerGuru is initiated with a friendly welcome message asking how it can assist with the user's job search or career progression, fostering a responsive and intuitive user interaction.

It leverages the flexibility and intelligence of ChatGPT to answer a wide array of career-based questions and provide the insights needed for successful career development.

Users are invited to inquire about improving resumes, strategizing job search, interview preparation, and professional career planning using prompt starters.

Overall, CareerGuru is a digital career consultant harnessing the capabilities of AI to provide personalized, vital career assistance.


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