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ByPrasanth Nori
Consulting Case-Interview Prep, On Demand
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Case Coach is a GPT that specializes in providing on-demand preparation for consulting case-interviews. The functionality of this tool pivots around the bigger aim of honing interviewee skills to excel in case interviews, a common occurrence in consulting job protocols.

The tool performs a function that is crucial for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field of consulting, helping them to understand and respond effectively to many different types of case questions that they may encounter in real-life interviews.

Through interaction with this GPT, users can get help on understanding diverse elements of a case interview like market sizing questions, profitability cases and can even get advice on structuring their responses.

Adding to that, the ''Start a practice case for me'' function is inherent to the tool and can be particularly useful for users looking to deal with simulated case interview scenarios.

Although requiring ChatGPT Plus, this GPT tool can aid in thorough interview preparation right from understanding minute nuances of case-interviews to practising multiple cases, helping users to enhance their skillset and bolster their confidence for actual interviews.


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