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CaseCracker: Consultant Case Interview Practice

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ByPatrick Gregoire
Crack open the door to your future.
GPT welcome message: Ready to crack the case? Let's dive into interview prep!
Sample prompts:
Give me a practice case.
Give me a quantitative problem to practice.
Tell me about the case frameworks.
Give me a "Fit Interview" question.
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CaseCracker: Consultant Case Interview Practice is a GPT designed to assist individuals in preparing for consultant case interviews. It aims to provide a comprehensive platform to understand the structure of the case interview process, perfect interview techniques, and practice case-related quantitative problems.

The GPT uses interactive chat to simulate real-life scenarios and provide a practical approach to learning.The GPT offers prompt starters that cover a range of service areas from presenting a practice case to addressing a 'Fit Interview' question.

These options provide a starting point to users and then guide them through relevant scenarios, hence helping them to develop both their practical and critical-thinking skills crucial in acing consultant case interviews.

A unique feature of CaseCracker is its flexibility and convenience obtained via the iPhone app, which provides voice chat capabilities. This allows for more interactive, real-time conversations with the GPT, therefore enhancing the overall learning experience.

The GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, providing users with enhanced access to sophisticated features. By Patrick Gregoire, CaseCracker streamlines the complex process of case interview preparation into an interactive, user-friendly GPT.


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CaseCracker: Consultant Case Interview Practice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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