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ByMarcus Van Der Peet
College Football Data and Rule Analyst in your pocket.
GPT welcome message: Ready to delve into college football data and rules!
Sample prompts:
What types of data do you know?
Can I get this data in a CSV?
Can I get recruiting data?
Tell me about live game data?
What was the longest play of the game X?
Research everything about X game and write a summary
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CfbGPT is a specialized GPT designed for analysis of college football data and rules. As a user-oriented AI tool, it is geared towards providing in-depth insights about college football games, players, key highlights and historical data in an intuitive and interactive way.

It incorporates the ability to provide specific data on request, handle complex instructions and even conduct comprehensive research on a particular game.

Examples of its capabilities include sharing various types of game data, such as play-by-play events, player statistics and recruiting information, and supplying this data in different formats like CSV.

CfbGPT can also provide live game data and historical play information, making it an ideal tool for both real-time game analysis and post-game discussions.

Apart from statistical data, users can query it to explain specific rules of the game, making it a valuable tool for novices needing a clear understanding of college football or seasoned enthusiasts looking to dive deeper.

The prompt starters provided offer guidance on the kinds of questions the tool can address, helping users interact with the system effectively. By leveraging the capabilities embedded in this GPT, users can gain a deeper grasp of college football games and enrich their overall spectator experience.


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CfbGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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