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Analyzes and corrects news article charts.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm Chart Checker. Upload a chart and article for an accuracy review.
Sample prompts:
Upload a chart and article for an accuracy check.
Can you verify this chart against the article?
Please correct this chart based on the article.
Is this chart accurately representing the article's data?
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Chart Checker is a GPT designed to analyze and correct charts found in news articles. In an era where data visualization is more important than ever for illustrating news stories, Chart Checker brings a level of precision and accuracy to the process.

Its primary function is to scrutinize the accuracy and relevance of the chart with respect to the article it is linked with. It is language compatible and configurable to introduce Korean fonts when needed.

The feature is especially beneficial for publishers who cater to multilingual audiences. When a user inputs a news article and the corresponding chart, Chart Checker will assess whether the chart correctly represents the data or information stipulated in the article.

If discrepancies are identified, the tool will introduce corrections to make the chart more authentic and consistent with the news story. Thus, Chart Checker ensures that charts are not misleading or misrepresentative, offering a more accurate, effective way of visualizing complex information or data.

It operates on top of ChatGPT platform and requires ChatGPT Plus for functionality. The tool is highly interactive, welcoming users with a prompt for chart and article upload for accuracy review.

It also encourages users to ask questions regarding chart verification and correction. This makes Chart Checker a comprehensive and reliable tool for news organizations, data analysts, and anyone engaged in data visualization in news reports.


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