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Your on-demand Chief Product Officer.
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Help me draft a PRD for phone-based authentication
How can I make this PRD better?
Let's brainstorm a roadmap for my billing product
What are good metrics for an AI chat product?
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ChatPRD is a GPT developed with a specialized purpose to serve as an on-demand Chief Product Officer. It focuses on drafting and improving Product Requirements Documents (PRDs), while simultaneously providing coaching aspects to help users enhance their skills as product managers.

ChatPRD merges the capabilities of AI techniques with the intricate tasks involved in product management, making it a versatile tool for both amateurs and professionals in the field of product development and management.

One unique functionality of ChatPRD is its ability to initiate and engage in useful conversations on its platform. Users can make use of prompt starters such as asking the AI to help them draft a PRD for specific products, give advice on how to make their existing PRDs better, brainstorm on roadmaps for product development, and even discuss relevant metrics for AI-based chat products.

To use ChatPRD, users need access to ChatGPT Plus. Therefore, it reinforces its position not only as an AI tool but also as a learning resource and guide for aspiring and existing product managers.


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