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ByRodney Gainous Jr
Give us a photo and we'll give you the tips.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Send me your receipt photo, and I'll help you with the tip.
Sample prompts:
Upload your receipt and I'll calculate the tip.
Need tip suggestions? Just show me your bill.
Snap a photo of your receipt for quick tip calculations.
Let's see your bill, and I'll help with the tip.
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CheckMate is a GPT that profoundly simplifies the process of calculating tips. At its core, this tool is designed to take a user-provided receipt image and instantly generate tip suggestions.

This removes the need for manual calculation and enables users to determine an appropriate tip amount effortlessly. The tool can interface with ChatGPT and requires the user to sign up for ChatGPT Plus.

The initial welcoming message encourages users to share their receipt photos, emphasizing its user-friendly and interactive nature. The GPT doesn't just calculate the tip; it engages users through prompts aimed at facilitating the tip calculation process.

These prompts include statements such as 'Upload your receipt and I'll calculate the tip', and 'Need tip suggestions? Just show me your bill', which promote user interaction and deliver a seamless experience.

The function of the CheckMate GPT proves particularly useful in environments where quick tip calculations are necessary, improving overall dining experiences by offering instant, simple, and precise tip calculations.


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