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Stay current with global climate trends and policy.
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Climate Guardian is a GPT developed by F Galiano Consulting, centered around providing expertise in climate policy, data analysis, roadmaps, and socio-economic impacts.

It offers an up-to-date source of news and insights in these key areas. This GPT is designed to supply critical information regarding emerging trends and decisions in global climate policy, backed by comprehensive data analysis.

Utilizing the capable framework of ChatGPT, Climate Guardian can be used to understand the complex realm of climate change, its roadmaps, and the socio-economic outcomes affiliated with these phenomena.

It can detail the outcomes from significant climate conferences like COP27, offering valuable insights and potential impacts to the users. The broad spectrum of topics covered by this tool, coupled with its expertise in climate policy and socio-economic impacts, makes it a powerful ally for anyone wishing to stay current with developments in the climate sector.

Key interactions to initiate with the Climate Guardian could include inquiries about the latest climate change news or specific questions about major climate conferences like COP27.


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Climate Guardian was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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