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ByHustle Playground
Generates comments and documentation based on your code.
Sample prompts:
Generate comments for my Python code
Create documentation for this Java class
Can you point out any errors in my C++ code?
Improve this JavaScript function.
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Code Documentation Creator is a type of GPT that generates comments and documentation based on your code. Coded by Hustle Playground, it provides a unique interface to create a comprehensive understanding of different code structures and dynamics.

Utilizing a prompt-based approach for the analysis of Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript codes, it allows you to generate meaningful and understandable comments for your existing code base.

It's designed to help with various code-based tasks, including identifying errors in C++ codes, augmenting JavaScript functions, or merely to generate regular comments for your Python or Java projects.

The GPT is created on top of the ChatGPT Plus platform, hence a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required for its usage. An insightful and efficient AI tool, Code Documentation Creator is instrumental in code understanding, augmentation, error detection, and hence caters to professionals, beginners, as well as intermediate coders.


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