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A multi-language coding assistant for code optimization and debugging.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! I'm Code Expert, ready to help you refine your code. What do you need assistance with?
Sample prompts:
How can I refactor this Python code for better performance?
Is there a more efficient way to write this JavaScript function?
Can you help me debug this Java class?
Suggestions to improve this C++ algorithm's efficiency?
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Code Expert is a GPT developed to provide multi-language coding assistance for tasks such as code optimization and debugging. Users can leverage its capabilities to refine their programming in several languages, such as Python, JavaScript, Java,and C++, among others.

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, Code Expert is capable of offering suggestions to improve the efficiency of an algorithm, provide more efficient techniques to write functions and even assist with debugging code.

Intending to simplify the code writing process by offering interactive auto-suggestions, Code Expert can be a useful tool for developers and programmers at all skill levels.

The handy 'prompt starters' feature helps users to quickly ask questions or seek guidance on various code-related problems. To activate Code Expert, users are required to have ChatGPT Plus.

Members can also use it to review their existing codes, identify opportunities for optimization, and improve their programming techniques. The primary goal of this GPT is to ensure code is cleaner, smoother, and more efficient.


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