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BySami Salem
Your one-stop software engineer and code writer.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm CodeGPT, ready to assist with your coding project. What do you need?
Sample prompts:
I want to build a new project
Show me how to fix this bug.
Help me with new ideas to implements to my project
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CodeGPT is a versatile GPT designed to serve as a comprehensive software engineering and code writing companion. It aids users in various aspects of coding, including bug fixing and new project creation.

Working like an artificial intelligence programmer, CodeGPT can analyse files given by the user, giving insight into possible improvements or corrections that might be needed.

It can also help generate ideas for project implementation.As a user, you can engage with CodeGPT about your coding needs or challenges, and it offers assistance by providing prompt starters such as 'I want to build a new project', 'Show me how to fix this bug', and 'Help me with new ideas to implement in my project'.

This encourages interaction and facilitates a rapid solution to the user's coding problem. To use CodeGPT, it requires ChatGPT Plus to be installed and signing in.

The welcoming message from CodeGPT sets the tone for assistance with the user's coding project. By establishing a conversational approach, CodeGPT seeks to create an engaging user experience while helping with the intricacies of coding projects.The overall focus of CodeGPT is to use AI to make programming more efficient, accessible and enjoyable by providing an always-available, intelligent coding assistant.


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