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ByEliezer Shore
Guiding students to refine essays with detailed feedback.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's refine your essay with detailed feedback and revisions.
Sample prompts:
I would like you to review my paper
How do we begin?
Please review the following text.
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The College Essay Review is a GPT designed to provide guidance and refined feedback to students for their essays. It is customized to provide detailed evaluations of essays to streamline and enhance the writing process.

Upon initiation of the tool, a welcome message is presented to the user reading: 'Hello! Let's refine your essay with detailed feedback and revisions..' This sets the stage for the tool's primary function of essay refinement.The College Essay Review GPT is designed to initiate the essay review based on prompts provided by the student, such as 'I would like you to review my paper' or 'Please review the following text.'.

Its functionality is focused on revising and refining text to help create high-quality academic writing. A significant feature of the College Essay Review GPT is that it requires ChatGPT Plus.

This necessitates access to higher levels of GPT's capabilities. The decision to interact with the College Essay Review GPT is initiated through a sign-up process ensuring personalized attention to each essay it reviews.

The GPT is developed by Eliezer Shore and is used widely for refining academic content to match university standards.


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College Essay Review was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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