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ByMiguel Romero Flores
Support in correcting academic texts.
GPT welcome message: Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarte con tu tesis?
Sample prompts:
¿Cómo elijo un buen tema para mi tesis?
Necesito ayuda para estructurar los contenidos.
¿Qué fuentes académicas son las mejores?
¿Cómo hago citas y paráfrasis correctamente?
¿Cómo corrijo mi borrador de tesis?
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Corrector de tesis is a GPT that provides support in refining academic texts. It's an effective tool for students who need assistance when creating their theses.

Its primary function is to guide users in enhancing the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of their academic written work. The GPT initiates a discussion with 'Hola, en qu puedo ayudarte con tu tesis?', which translates to 'Hello, how can I assist you with your thesis?'.

The GPT offers prompt starters to guide discussions towards several crucial aspects of thesis creation. Some of the starters are 'Cmo elijo un buen tema para mi tesis?', or 'How do I choose a good topic for my thesis?'; 'Necesito ayuda para estructurar los contenidos', or 'I need help to structure the contents'; 'Qu fuentes acadmicas son las mejores?', or 'Which academic sources are the best?'; 'Cmo hago citas y parfrasis correctamente?', or 'How do I make quotes and paraphrasing correctly?'; and 'Cmo corrijo mi borrador de tesis?', or 'How do I correct my thesis draft?'.

These initiators provide a roadmap that aids users to navigate through different stages of thesis construction, right from topic selection, structuring of contents, choosing the right academic sources, correctly paraphrasing and quoting, to correcting a thesis draft.

By using this GPT, users can expect improved written communication in their academic work, which is a critical skill for academic success.


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