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Cover Letter Companion is a GPT which specializes in creating cover letters based on resumes. It is designed to tailor content according to specific job descriptions.

This tool is hosted by and it functions in a way that makes drafting cover letters more streamlined and personalized. This GPT requires users to upload their resumes, and also provide a description of the job they are applying to.

Aiming to match the professional narrative in the resume with the requirements of the job description, the tool crafts a unique cover letter. Thus, the tool facilitates the creation of cover letters that not only stand out but are also heavily tailored towards the job in question.

The Cover Letter Companion's functionality does not end at the drafting of the cover letter. It also provides prompt starters which users can use to assist them on their journey, helping users to ensure that their cover letter aligns perfectly with their career aspirations, skills, and the role that they are applying for.

In order to use the Cover Letter Companion, potential users will need to have a ChatGPT Plus account.


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