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Crafts personalized cover letters tailored to your resume and job descriptions
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's create a precise, personalized motivational letter. Please upload your CV and job description.
Sample prompts:
I need a motivational letter for a job.
Can you tailor my CV into a motivational letter?
Help me write a letter for this job description.
Generate a motivational letter based on my CV.
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Cover Letter GPT is an automated cover letter creation tool that streamlines the process of crafting personalized cover letters fitted to your particular resume and job descriptions.

Situated atop ChatGPT, Cover Letter GPT employs machine learning algorithms to understand your CV and the job description you provide, then unites this information to generate a customized, motivation-based cover letter.

The GPT initiates its task with a welcoming message, offering to assist you in creating a precise, personalized motivational letter, while also asking you to upload your CV and the respective job description.

With this central information at the ready, Cover Letter GPT can be prompted with a range of requests, like generating a motivational letter based on your CV or tailoring your CV into a motivational letter.

The Cover Letter GPT is particularly suited for individuals seeking a seamless, yet personalised way to draft impactful cover letters that marry their qualifications with the requirements of the job they are applying to.

Please note, the utilization of Cover Letter GPT does require access to ChatGPT Plus.


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