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Guiding new cPanel users through navigation and error resolution.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need help with cPanel? I'm here to guide you!
Sample prompts:
How do I find file manager in cPanel?
What's a DNS error on cPanel?
Help me set up email on cPanel.
Fix a 500 server error in cPanel.
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cPanel Companion is a GPT developed to assist new users of cPanel to efficiently navigate and resolve errors. It is built on the ChatGPT platform, making it a tool that interacts through natural language processing, thus simplifying the user experience when working with cPanel.

cPanel is a widely utilized web hosting control panel which lets individuals manage websites and web hosting options. Often for beginners, cPanel can present a steep learning curve and the cPanel Companion aims to ease this process.

This GPT does not just help users navigate around cPanel, but also aids in ascertaining and rectifying common problems they may encounter. For instance, it can provide guided steps on how to locate the file manager within cPanel or help troubleshoot a DNS error.

Additionally, it can instruct on setting up an email through cPanel and gives advice on how to fix server errors, such as a 500 server error. It is a useful tool for those in need of immediate assistance with cPanel without having to sift through countless forum posts or help articles.

An additional requirement for using the cPanel Companion GPT is a sign-up for ChatGPT Plus.


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