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Autonomously creates complete TikTok scenarios with images.
GPT welcome message: Let's create a TikTok scenario with images!
Sample prompts:
Create a TikTok scenario about a day in the city
Generate a TikTok scenario set in a magical forest
Invent a futuristic TikTok scenario
Create Image Video Story
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Create Image Videos is a GPT that is designed to autonomously create complete TikTok scenarios using images. This GPT offers a revolutionary way of improving your TikTok content creation process by generating text-based scenarios and storylines that can be brought to life using appropriate images.

The scope of its abilities includes but is not limited to both real world settings such as 'a day in the city', as well as more imaginative contexts like 'a set in a magical forest', or even forward-thinking themes like 'a futuristic scenario'.

The tool allows for a high level of customization by enabling users to input their own unique prompts in the form of 'Create Image Video Story'. The GPT acts as an innovative scriptwriter for TikTok videos, offering unique content ideas while saving time and energy.

The use of this tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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