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Generating expert logos in varied styles!
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Create LOGO! Choose your style: Minimalistisk, Vintage, Modernt, Typografisk, or Abstrakt.
Sample prompts:
Design a minimalistisk logo for an eco-friendly brand
Create a vintage logo for a classic car dealership
Generate a modernt logo for a tech startup
Craft a typografisk logo for a publishing house
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Create LOGO is a GPT that specializes in the generation of logos in various styles. It adopts a conversational interface facilitated by the underlying ChatGPT model to help businesses, individuals, or designers to create unique and fitting logos according to their needs.

The GPT prompts users to describe their requirements, starting with the selection of a specific logo style from a set of options including: Minimalistisk, Vintage, Modernt, Typografisk, and Abstrakt.

According to the selected style, users can then further describe their logo creation needs specifying details such as brand type or industry. For instance, users can request a minimalistisk logo for an eco-friendly brand, a vintage logo for a classic car dealership, a modernt logo for a tech startup, or a typografisk logo for a publishing house to name a few.

The GPT then processes these details to generate matching logo designs. This GPT can be an innovative solution for both novices and professionals who want to streamline the logo design process.


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