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Guide to building superior digital products
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Crux Digital's GPT guide!
Sample prompts:
Tell me about Crux Digital's values
What is Unified Product Philosophy and how does it influence product development?
Explain the process for a new digital project at Crux
What are some key missions of Crux Digital?
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CruxGPT is a GPT developed by Crux Digital, designed to guide users through the company's philosophy towards building digital products. It elaborates on the company's work processes and elaborates on the company's principles.

The main purpose of this tool is to provide comprehensive insights into Crux Digital's values and approaches to product development. CruxGPT goes in depth into unified product philosophy's influence on product development, illustrating how it shapes the company's strategy.

This tool also discusses the steps inherent in new digital project development at Crux, simplifying it for users to understand and appreciate the company's meticulous approach.

This GPT allows users to comprehend Crux Digital's key missions and values. It's important to note that in order to utilise this GPT, users need ChatGPT Plus.

Users are greeted with a welcoming message that effectively introduces them to the tool. This message sets expectations, signaling the tool's readiness to answer their queries.

Users are encouraged to use prompts that can aid in understanding Crux Digital's values, the Unified Product Philosophy, the process for a new digital project at Crux, and the key missions of Crux Digital.


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