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Master daily English speaking with phrasal verbs.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm here to help you master daily English speaking by learning phrasal verbs.
Sample prompts:
How do I use 'pick up' in a sentence?
Can you explain the phrasal verb 'turn down'?
What's the meaning of 'come across' in English?
Give me an example of using 'break down' in conversation.
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Daily English Speaking Coach is a GPT aimed at enhancing English language proficiency through a focus on understanding and usage of phrasal verbs. This tool is devised to equip users with the ability to master everyday English conversation, with a specific emphasis on the versatile usage of phrasal verbs in various contexts.

The GPT assists users in forming a deeper understanding of phrasal verbs, both in terms of meaning and how they are applied in regular conversation. Additionally, it provides potential opportunities for users to learn how to use specific phrasal verbs correctly within a sentence.

For instance, it gives examples of how to use conventional phrases like 'pick up', 'turn down', 'come across', 'break down' and many others in an appropriate context.

The GPT provides users with prompts to guide their learning and spark conversations, hence fostering an interactive and engaging language learning environment.

As this tool is designed on top of ChatGPT, signing up to ChatGPT Plus is needed in order to tap the valuable resources this tool has to offer. This GPT's purpose aligns with building a strong foundation in English speaking on a daily basis to help users gain confidence and fluency in the language.


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