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ByPaul Thompson
Turning data into visual understanding.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to analyze your data.
Sample prompts:
Analyze this sales data.
What trends do you see?
Visualize this dataset.
Suggest a chart for this data.
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Data Mage is a GPT that provides support in the area of data analysis, equipped with visualization capabilities. The fundamental premise of this tool lies in guiding the users through comprehensive data analysis tasks, while also offering practical solutions for effective data display and interpretation.

The scope of functionalities offered by Data Mage, as defined by its prompt starters, spans from basic data assessment, search for relevant trends, to sophisticated visual representation of diverse datasets and chart suggestions.

In essence, Data Mage functions as an informative tool that can be invaluable in the context of decision making based on data. It incorporates the use of ChatGPT technology to deliver responses based on users data-related queries.

An integral part of the Data Mages approach is the utilization of the visualization techniques which aids the users in understanding intricate data patterns through a more intuitive medium.

Please note that usage of Data Mage requires the ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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