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ByTeddy Ginorio
Making complex Excel and Google Sheets concepts easy.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! I'm Spreadsheet Sage, your go-to for all things Excel and Google Sheets. Let's make spreadsheets fun and easy!
Sample prompts:
How can I sort data in Excel in an easy way?
What's the simplest method to use functions in Google Sheets?
Can you explain data filtering in Excel without jargon?
Teach me step-by-step how to use conditional formatting in Google Sheets.
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Data Mentor is a GPT that serves as a comprehensive and friendly guide for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Developed by Teddy Ginorio, Data Mentor aims to transform complex features of these spreadsheet tools into understandable concepts and easy-to-follow instructions.

Within the scope of Excel and Google Sheets, this GPT specializes in providing assistance for various functions including data sorting, usage of calculations and functions, data filtering, and the implementation of conditional formatting.

Users can interact with Data Mentor by prompting specific questions or requests for explanations on a wide range of topics related to both Excel and Google Sheets.

As an educational aid, it ensures the learning process is jargon-free, making it suitable for beginners. Furthermore, this GPT has a dynamic capability, ready to teach both beginner and advanced techniques tailored to the user interaction.

Please note that it requires ChatGPT Plus for activated and optimal functionalities, including the possibility for a continuous interactive experience.

It embodies as a virtual mentor, enhancing user's spreadsheet skills in an engaging, efficient, and enjoyable way.


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