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ByKai Zhang
A Data Science Interviewer
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready for a data science interview?
Sample prompts:
I am a DS beginner, ask me easy questions.
I am a medium level DS learner.
I am Advanced DS learner, challenge me!
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The Data Science GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to function as a Data Science interviewer. Leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology, this tool is programmed to conduct data science interviews in an interactive manner.

It is versatile enough to tailor the complexity of its questions according to the user's data science proficiency level, which can range from beginner, medium, to advanced.Upon greeting the user, the GPT begins by asking them about their level of data science experience.

Depending on the user's response, the tool adjusts the difficulty of the questions it asks, thereby providing a customized interview experience. This feature makes the tool particularly useful for those preparing for data science job interviews, or for individuals wishing to assess their current level of data proficiency.

Please note that access to this GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, revealing the direct integration with the broader ChatGPT system. The Data Science GPT is versatile and adaptive, making it a practical tool for users of various experience levels to gain familiarity with data science concepts, enrich their learning process, and prepare comprehensively for potential data science career opportunities.


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Data Science GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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