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Excel in data science interviews.
GPT welcome message: Choose your role: interviewer or interviewee.
Sample prompts:
Start with a Product Sense interview.
Evaluate my answer to a Metric question.
I want to practice Machine Learning questions.
Can you simulate a Statistics interview?
Let's do a Behavioral interview.
What are different types of data science interview?
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Data Science Interview is a GPT that focuses on assisting both the interviewers and interviewees in data science. This tool essentially provides a platform for interactive role-playing wherein users can practice interviews pertinent to the field of data science.

The user is provided with the option to choose the role of either the interviewer or interviewee, enabling a realistic simulation of job interviews for data science positions.

There are various aspects of a data science interview that this GPT covers. It provides prompt starters, such as 'Start with a Product Sense interview', 'Evaluate my answer to a Metric question', or 'Can you simulate a Statistics interview?', among others.

These prompt starters provide diverse scopes of practice, enabling users to holistically prepare for data science interviews. The tool also lets you train with machine learning questions, pivotal to modern-day data science roles.

Moreover, it doesnt limit itself to only technical aspects but also lets you practice behavioral interviews. Furthermore, the GPT tool clarifies the different types of data science interviews potentially ensuring well-rounded interview preparation.

It should be noted that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus, implying that users need to be members of this service to access the said tool. The Data Science Interview GPT has been designed by making it a reputable resource for data science interview training.

In summary, the GPT is a comprehensive tool designed to improve your skills and readiness for data science interviews.


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Data Science Interview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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