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A serious interviewer for data science.
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I want to practice SQL interview
I want to practice Python interview
I want to practice Machine Learning interview
I want to practice DS Product Interview
I want to practice A/B testing interview
I want to practice behavior interview
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Data Science Interview Mate is a GPT that provides an advanced interviewing platform, specifically designed for users who are preparing for data science interviews.

Powered by ChatGPT, the tool can mimic a serious interviewer and focus on various aspects of data science, including SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Product Analysis, A/B testing, and behavioral aspects of job interviews.

Users interact with the system through prompts, asking it to assist them in practicing for specific types of interviews. These prompts can vary based on the skill part the users are aiming to practice.

Unlike a traditional preparation method, this GPT mimics a real interview scenario, providing a more realistic practice environment to the users. As a result, it can be especially useful for those looking to improve their responses, refine their technical knowledge, or better their interview dynamics.

As it requires ChatGPT Plus, users need to sign up for this service before using it. The accessibility of the tool, however, along with its focused interview practice, can make it an invaluable asset for aspiring data scientists.


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Data Science Interview Mate was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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