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Your AI for tailored data analysis scripts.
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Sample prompts:
Can you create a Python script for my data?
How do I analyze this dataset in R?
I need a script for data visualization.
Help me interpret these analysis results.
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DataCrunch Automation is a GPT designed to generate tailored data analysis scripts using either Python or R programming languages. It can be considered as a tool that enhances and automates data analysis process by creating custom code scripts depending on the specific data and objectives of the user.

Users can interact with this tool through various prompt starters such as inquiries on script creation, data analysis, data visualization, and interpretation of analysis results.

Such interaction allows for personalized data analysis solution to the users who may have no or minimal programming skills, thus reducing the barrier to data analysis.

In order to utilize this GPT, users need to access it via ChatGPT Plus, which implies that it functions as an addition to the baseline technology of ChatGPT.

Among its core offerings, the GPT provides the ability to analyze a dataset, generate Python or R scripts catering to specific data, assist in data visualization, and help comprehend the results of such analyses.

Via such functions, its users are empowered to make effective decisions based on their data. Please note that the tool requires a sign up procedure to access and use it.


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