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AI scam analyser providing detailed reports
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm DeepScam. Ready for quick scam analysis with an optional detailed report?
Sample prompts:
Give a % and classification of this being a scam.
Is this website real ?
Is this scenario that my friend told me a scam ?
Is this phone number a Phishing call ?
Does this file contain malicious scripts ?
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DeepScam is a GPT that plays an integral role in scam analysis. This tool has been developed to help users identify and navigate potential scams by providing comprehensive reports.

These reports cover a variety of scam scenarios, from phishing emails and fictional scam stories to blacklisted phone numbers, malicious links, and files.

The main goal of DeepScam is to equip users with the necessary insights to recognize and avoid potential digital scams. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, DeepScam can analyze text and screenshots to provide a detailed scam analysis report.

As a user, one has the flexibility to receive a quick scam analysis or opt for a more detailed report based on personal preference or the complexity of the case.In terms of functionality, users can interact with DeepScam using various prompts.

These prompts could involve asking the tool for the likelihood of particular scenarios being scams, the authenticity of a website, the legitimacy of a phone number, or even whether a file contains malicious scripts.

This allows individuals to fact-check information, leading them to make more informed and safe choices in the digital sphere. Though an offshoot of ChatGPT, DeepScam requires ChatGPT Plus for functioning and is an example of the use of AI in enhancing online security measures.

Its objective is not just to help users avoid scams, but also to educate them about the various layers of scams circulating in today's digital environment.


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DeepScam was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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