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R programming whiz for microbiome analysis.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to dive deep into R programming for your data analysis!
Sample prompts:
Can you analyze this microbiome data set in R?
What's the best way to visualize microbiome diversity?
How do I interpret these statistical results from my microbiome study?
Could you help me write an R script for my microbiome data?
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DemeteR is a GPT that focuses on processing, analyzing and visualizing microbiome data using the R programming language. Designed by SAK, this tool assists users in conducting a deep dive into their microbiome data analysis - from data processing to data visualization, and from statistical results interpretation to R script writing.

It is equipped to deal with various queries related to R-programming for microbiome data, be it analyzing a complex microbiome data set, determining optimal methods to encapsulate microbiome diversity visually, or decoding statistical findings from a microbiome study.

Users can also seek assistance in formulating an R script designed for their specific microbiome data sets. DemeteR operates on top of ChatGPT and thus, requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Its interactive nature invites users to come up with prompt starters, helping to face unique analytical challenges. Anticipate intelligent responses from this versatile tool that can revolutionize the way you analyze data creatively in the realm of microbiome studies.


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