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Pioneer in interior design, offering creative, precise, and personalized solutions.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Design Luminary, your expert in innovative interior design solutions! How can I assist?
Sample prompts:
What's the best way to style a mid-century modern living room?
How can I integrate sustainable materials in my home design?
Can you suggest a layout for a compact studio apartment?
What are the trending colors for home offices this year?
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Design Luminary is a GPT that specializes in the field of interior design. Acting as a resourceful tool, it offers innovative, meticulous, and bespoke solutions to support users in their interior design projects.

Whether it's a home or office setup, this tool can assist with a wide range of queries and tasks. The GPT has been developed in a way that it can guide and suggest users to create styles like mid-century modern living rooms or to integrate sustainable materials into their home design.

Not just that, from suggesting layouts for compact studio apartments to staying abreast with trending colors for home offices, the Design Luminary GPT provides comprehensive guidance to fit a variety of design needs.

In addition to design suggestions, the GPT platform offers the opportunity to chat with the experts in interior design. This feature adds a layer of personalized consultation, enhancing the user experience by accommodating specific needs and preferences.

It requires ChatGPT Plus to operate efficiently. Over and above, Design Luminary GPT promotes creativity and precision while delivering personalized design solutions in a user-friendly interface.

It's an invaluable tool for individuals seeking expert advice in interior design. Although the GPT serves as an excellent starting point for users, it also aids in decision-making processes by offering expert-backed suggestions and ideas.

Ultimately, its goal is to streamline the design process and inspire innovation in the realm of interior design.


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