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ByYan Ma
Interior design creator with visual previews.
GPT welcome message: Share your design inspirations, and I'll create a visual preview!
Sample prompts:
Design a living room with...
Create a cozy bedroom including...
I want a kitchen that has...
Show me a study with...
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Design Muse is a GPT that offers solutions in the realm of interior design. It operates as an application functioning on top of the ChatGPT platform. Design Muse leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in generating visual previews of their interior design ideas.

This tool could be a worthwhile resource for both professionals and hobbyists in the field of interior design, enabling them to visualize their ideas before bringing them to life.

Users can share their design inspirations with the system, which responds by doing its best to create a corresponding visual preview. The tool has versatile utility, aiding in the design of various interior spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, studies, and more.

The assistive prompts offered by Design Muse could range from thematics like, 'Design a living room with...' to finer details such as 'Show me a study with...'.

By synthesizing user input with its AI capabilities, Design Muse aims to help users create the desired atmosphere and aesthetic in their spaces. The precise implementation and results would depend on the individual user's requirements and interactions with the tool.

Please note that the usage of Design Muse requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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