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ByRadin Najafi
Friendly video editing and image creation assistant.
GPT welcome message: Hi there, I'm EditGPT, your friendly video editing buddy! Consider donating to continue development of my GPTs [here](https://ko-fi.com/heyitsradin).
Sample prompts:
Can you show me how to edit a travel video?
I need a cool background image for my video, any ideas?
What are some easy editing tricks for beginners?
How can I make color grading easier to understand?
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EditGPT is a GPT that functions as an assistant for video editing and image creation. This tool can help users edit their videos and generate creative image ideas, thus acting as a companion for individuals who are interested in video production or graphic design.

The primary functionality of EditGPT includes offering guidance on different aspects of editing like color grading, as well as providing suggestions for background images or visual effects that can enhance a video.

In addition, EditGPT can advise users on editing methods suitable for beginners and explain some of the more complex processes in an easy-to-understand manner.

The tool operates with a user-friendly interface and communicates with users using a friendly and approachable tone. EditGPT requires connection with ChatGPT Plus to run.

As a key feature, EditGPT motivates user interactions through prompt starters, which can range from assistance in editing a travel video to the understanding of color grading procedures.

This wide range of functionalities makes EditGPT a versatile tool for creatives of different levels of expertise.


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EditGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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