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Chat with Turkish Finance and Economy Expert.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba, ben Ekonomist, finans ve borsa konularında size yardımcı olmaya hazırım!
Sample prompts:
BIST 100'de bugünün trendi nedir?
Döviz kurlarındaki son değişiklikleri analiz eder misin?
Altın fiyatındaki son gelişmeler neler?
Hangi hisse senetleri yükselişte?
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Ekonomist is a GPT that operates specifically in the realm of Turkish finance and economy. This AI tool is proficient in discussing a varied range of topics related to economics and finance, aimed to assist users with valuable insights and data.

It is designed to converse and answer queries related to financial trends, stock market movements, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, as well as real-time developments regarding gold prices.

Ekonomist is also adept at analysing specific shares that are on the rise in the BIST 100. With its capability to interpret intricate financial data, users can pull up prompt starters to inquire about up-to-the-minute financial states, review currency value adjustments, or recognise the latest happenings impacting the price of gold.

Whether someone needs to analyse a robust portfolio or gain a deeper perception of the current market scenario, Ekonomist works towards providing informed and insightful solutions.

In its essence, Ekonomist serves as a highly intelligent and ready-to-assist tool in the field of finance and economy. Please note that usage of Ekonomist requires ChatGPT Plus.


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