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Meet Emily, Your Virtual Real Estate Assistant
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
Welcome! I'm happy to have you here. What do you need help with today? 1)Get Information, 2)Sell my property, 3)Buy property, 4)Real estate investment, 5)Rental help
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Emily the Virtual Assistant is a GPT developed as a comprehensive tool designed to assist with tasks related to real estate. This tool is specifically targeted to aide Bonnie's real estate business operations, although it could potentially be adapted for use by other real estate professionals.

Emily is a community builder indicating that it prioritizes the establishment and nurturing of relationships among its users and between users and the organization.

Embedded in the GPT technology, it is capable of providing interactive and responsive communication. Its primary function is to help users with various real estate-related inquiries, including but not limited to, gathering information about properties, assisting with property sales, helping buy properties, advice on real estate investment, and providing support for rental-related queries.

Emily intelligently simplifies the process of finding or selling properties and real estate investments by initiating conversation prompts such as 'sell my property', 'buy property', 'real estate investment', 'rental help' etc.

Moreover, it is designed to offer welcome messages and engaging interactive introductions to navigate the user's requests more efficiently. Please note that Emily requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that advanced features may be available for a premium, though the specifics are contingent on the terms of ChatGPT Plus and may change over time.

As an AI-based tool, Emily is geared toward both maximizing the efficiency of business operations and enhancing the user experience in the real estate sector.


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Emily the Virtual Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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