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Calculates appliance costs and offers energy-saving tips.
GPT welcome message: Find out how much your appliance is costing you per hour and get tips on saving energy!
Sample prompts:
Calculate cost for a microwave.
How to save energy with a fridge?
Cost of running a heater?
Energy-saving tips for a washer.
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Energy Saver GPT is a dedicated tool that provides an analysis of your household appliance costs and delivers insightful energy-saving advice. It functions on the foundational technology of ChatGPT.

Its main purpose is to facilitate the calculation of the hourly costs associated with using various appliances. When provided with details of a specific appliance, such as a microwave, fridge, or heater, it performs cost calculations and presents the corresponding financial implications of using the mentioned device.

Beyond this primary function, the Energy Saver GPT also offers suggestions and tips on how users can save energy for different appliances. These tips cover a wide range of appliances, including heaters, washers, and refrigerators, among others.

By delivering such valuable insights, Energy Saver GPT educates its users on how they can attain greater energy efficiency in their homes to promote both economic and environmental sustainability.

Thus, the GPT is a practical tool for anyone looking to understand their energy usage better and optimize it for increased efficiency. Its operation requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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