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ByJaromír Matýšek
Translates native language to English and back with AI
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm English Butler, ready to assist and translate.
Sample prompts:
How does photosynthesis work?
Create an image of a futuristic city.
Find the latest news on solar energy.
What's the recipe for a classic lasagna?
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English Butler is a GPT which aims to bridge the language gap by enhancing the functionalities of ChatGPT with an integrated translation feature. The primary function of the English Butler GPT is to facilitate seamless understanding and interactions, regardless of the native language of the user.

It accomplishes this by converting the user's native language prompts into English, formulating a response in English, and then translating that response back into the user's native language.

This unique feature makes English Butler an ideal choice for non-English users who wish to leverage the advanced knowledge and reasoning capabilities of GPT-4.

It is important to note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for effective functioning. With the help of handy prompt starters provided by English Butler , users can easily ask questions about a broad range of topics, from scientific concepts to the latest news on renewable energy or even request for a classic lasagna recipe.


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