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Converts input into English emails, with tone matching and catchy subject lines.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to translate your email into formal business English.
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English Email Creator is a GPT designed to assist in drafting English emails. At the core, the tool turns any input into an articulate, English-written email.

It specializes in matching the tone of the provided inputs to create an appropriate email that fits the context specified by the user. Beyond the basic email creation, one of the interesting functionalities of this GPT is its feature to suggest catchy subject lines.

It offers three different catchy topic lines based on the email's content. This function could be particularly helpful for users who often struggle with creating impactful subjects for their emails.

While it requires ChatGPT Plus for usage, the English Email Creator presents a user-friendly interface, beginning each session with a non-intrusive welcome message that sets professional tone.

It then provides appealing prompt starters to facilitate smooth user interaction. While the tool is versatile in its functionality, its primary focus remains on formal business English, making it an ideal assistant in a professional environment.

As this GPT is from, users need to sign up to use the service. It could potentially be a useful tool for non-native English speakers, professionals seeking assistance in drafting formal emails or any user in need of email drafting support.


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