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ByGallardo Ivan Maier
Personal American English teacher.
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Sample prompts:
Explain this grammar rule.
How do I say this correctly?
Can you check my writing?
Discuss this American text.
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English Paladin is a GPT designed to play the role of a personal American English teacher. Created by Gallardo Ivan Maier, this tool is specifically tailored to teach American English to users of all levels.

English Paladin operates atop of OpenAI's ChatGPT and offers a range of instructional services that extend from grammar rule explanation to text discussion, pronunciation correction, and writing checks.

Users can employ the 'prompt starters' feature to send precise requests to the AI, including 'Explain this grammar rule', 'How do I say this correctly?', 'Can you check my writing?', or 'Discuss this American text'.

This feature provides a guided, interactive, and personalized language learning experience. Users are required to sign up to use the tool and the description suggests that usage may require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

English Paladin holds the potential to serve not only as an educational tool but also as an immersive English language companion.


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