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A supportive speaking buddy for ESL students.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to practice your English? Let's chat!
Sample prompts:
Start a conversation with me in English.
Can you correct my grammar from our last conversation?
Let's talk about your favorite hobby.
Give me feedback on my English speaking skills.
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ESL Lingo Buddy is a type of GPT designed to assist ESL (English as a Second Language) students in improving their English language skills. Lingo Buddy is geared towards providing both conversational practice and relevant grammar feedback.

Users can start a conversation with the tool, or ask it to correct their grammar from a previous exchange. The tool can also be prompted to discuss the user's favorite hobbies or provide feedback on their English speaking skills.

Hence, it serves as an ever-present practice partner that focuses on enhancing the user's fluency, pronunciation, and command of English grammar. Leveraging the phenomenally advanced structuring of ChatGPT, ESL Lingo Buddy provides an immersive experience in conversational English, offering a friendly and supportive environment for students to become more proficient English speakers.

Both the immediate feedback and the engaging nature of the conversations with the tool help users challenge themselves, making the tool an excellent resource for continuous English language learning and improvement.


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