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ESL SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English! is a GPT specifically engineered to aid in English language learning and practice, primarily targeting the speakers from Belarus.

Unlike typical language learning tools, this GPT leverages advanced AI technology to perform live spoken English analysis, providing users with an efficient means to train and enhance their communication skills.

Tech-native learners, particularly those apprehensive about traditional language learning environments, may find this tool a stress-free alternative for English practice.

Users should take note that access to ESL SpeakWise 2.1 requires a ChatGPT Plus account. Besides providing an immersive and interactive English learning experience, the tool also comes bundled with responsive prompts to guide users on how to get the most out of their SpeakWise experience.

This GPT has been developed by Romeka Solutions and demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be tailored to produce innovative solutions to conventional learning hurdles.

However, language learners should understand that while technology can assist in language acquisition, consistent, dedicated practice remains the key to mastering a new language.


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