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Effective English communication analysis tool with ambiguity checks.
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ESL SpeakWise 2.1 is a GPT developed to facilitate English language learning and practice. The tool, tailored specifically towards Bangla speaking individuals, provides a platform for users to engage with English language materials and activities with contextual understanding.

The GPT's iterative ability allows it to dynamically adjust complexity based on individual user progress and demonstrated language proficiency. Additionally, ESL SpeakWise 2.1 includes a feature for analysing speech.

This implies that the tool can scrutinize verbal communications, focusing on aspects such as clarity, pronunciation, and probable ambiguities during the conversation.

This dynamic tool, while centered around language practice, also incorporates elements of interactive learning, making ESL skills acquisition more engaging and practical.

Users can discuss various topics and the GPT adaptively responds, furthering the value of the language practice. It must be noted that the usage of this tool requires ChatGPT Plus.

It is brought to users through the ROMeka solutions platform, a technology company specializing in AI solutions. Specific prompts to initiate the tool include 'How do I use SpeakWise?'.

This GPT is a substantial resource for those aiming to improve their English speaking and comprehension skills.


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