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How can I approach a 1000-word essay on social issues?
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Can you assist with outlining a 1500-word essay on art?
What are the key elements for a 3000-word essay on politics?
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Essay Guide and Citation Assistant is a GPT that specializes in assisting users with various aspects of essay writing. This tool aims to streamline the essay creation process, making it easier for both students and professionals to structure and enhance their essays.

Serving as a multifunctional tool, it provides support throughout different stages of essay writing such as research, outline construction, and integration of appropriate citations.

This GPT stands as an effective companion to ChatGPT and is capable of offering instant guidance on essay-related queries. It helps formulate functional strategies for different types of essays, giving users a nudge towards their target word count without a hitch.

Its utility extends across various essay lengths and topics, whether it be a 1000-word essay on social issues, a 2000-word treatise on science, a 1500-word dissertation on art, or a 3000-word write-up on politics.

The assistant kicks off the process by welcoming users and understanding their specific requirements, such as the word count of the essay. Moreover, the tool can suggest ideal structures for your essays and offer assistance with outlining, thereby allowing users to build a well-structured argument and a coherent layout of points.

With its guidance, users can better appreciate the key elements of their essay, facilitating a streamlined and organized writing process. In addition to these features, the GPT also includes a citation assistant, an essential component for any form of academic writing.

This feature makes sure users correctly attribute their sources, maintaining the authenticity of the essay and avoiding plagiarism. Remember, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Overall, the Essay Guide and Citation Assistant brings a comprehensive solution to essay creation, making sophisticated essay writing more accessible and less time-consuming.


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