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Drafts essays with humor and modern slang.
GPT welcome message: What's up! Let's slang up your essay. What are we chatting about today?
Sample prompts:
Yo, can you kickstart my essay on Renaissance art?
What's the tea on writing an essay about climate change?
Got any sick points for my essay on quantum physics?
Help me cook up a spicy thesis for my analysis of '1984'.
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Essay Typer is a GPT that primarily focuses on drafting essays infused with humor and modern slang. Developed by, Essay Typer adds a distinct flavor to academic writing by adopting a humorous, informal approach, and incorporating contemporary language into its content generation.

This tool aims to reinvent the tedious process of drafting essays, making it more engaging and interesting for users whilst still delivering substantial and informative content.The abilities of Essay Typer arent limited to specific subjects or genres.

Be it discussing Renaissance art, contemplating on climate change, exploring the complex world of quantum physics, or penning an analysis of '1984, the tool is capable of tackling an array of topics, offering compelling points of discussion.

Its working methodology isn't traditional; the GPT takes a conversational route where the user tosses a prompt, and the tool dives into drafting the essay.This GPT presents a unique blend of academic knowledge and modern jargon, creating a less rigid and more relatable way of communicating complex academic concepts.

An underlying feature of the GPT is its ability to create a fun interaction, inviting the user by saying 'What's up! Let's slang up your essay. What are we chatting about today?.Thus, for those seeking a different and engaging way to tackle their academic writing tasks, Essay Typer makes for an appealing tool, merging scholarship with a dash of levity and modern slang.

The utilization of this tool requires ChatGPT Plus and the user would need to sign up before they can access its functionalities.


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