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Expert in academic essay writing across subjects.
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Help me structure my essay on history.
How do I cite sources in APA?
Ideas for an argument in my English essay?
Improving my thesis statement for science?
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Essay Writer is a GPT developed by that specializes in academic essay writing across various disciplines, from humanities to scientific studies.

Its main utility is to assist users in improving their essay writing skills, providing advice and guidance concerning key elements of academic writing such as structuring essays, citing sources using established citation styles such as APA, generating content ideas, and enhancing the quality of thesis statements.The tool employs a conversational approach, interacting with its users through a chat interface that is flexible and user-friendly.

Utilizing the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, Essay Writer responds to user prompts by offering insight, suggestions, and clarifications on how to approach particular aspects of essay writing.

While the range of assistance provided spans across a wide array of essay writing components, representatives include aiding with the organization of historical essays, providing information on how to correctly attribute references according to academic standards, brainstorming arguments for literary discussions, and enhancing scientific thesis statements.

The GPT is particularly advantageous for students engaged in academic writing, as it provides an accessible workload-sharing platform that elevates the quality of essays while facilitating the understanding and mastery of key writing skills.

It's to be noted though that to access and use Essay Writer, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required. Overall, Essay Writer is a valuable tool for those seeking to develop their essay writing proficiency in a guided, interactive and engaging way.


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